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Featured workshop: recontent

This empathy-based workshop is rooted in design thinking and focused on sharpening your content creation skills. It's the foundation for building an effective content strategy or for refreshing one that has gone stale. We use it as the kickoff for any new long-term client, but it's also available a la carte. Four power hours of strategic creativity. What makes it truly unique? The people we invite to participate. Learn more >> 


When I scheduled the ReContent Workshop, my main goal was to brainstorm specific projects that would help us reach our audience of undergraduate students. My second goal was to get coworkers energized about the potential of digital storytelling— whether through email, social media or our website. Both goals were met within the span of the 4-hour workshop. Autumn and Matthew guided our group in a way that helped us understand that empathy is key to creating successful digital content. First, we narrowed down our brand message, then we explored the mindset of our audience. After that, we developed some specific content ideas based on the insights we gathered. The biggest success, from my point of view, was getting teammates together in a non-judgmental space that allowed them to ask questions about social media and contribute to the content-creation process. It got people excited. It got them thinking creatively. And most importantly, it got them to think about ways to develop content with purpose and value. I can’t wait to see some of the ideas come to fruition.
— Jen Saltsman, Digital Content Strategist at Xavier University

By now, you and most of your colleagues have established an account on LinkedIn. But are you regularly using the platform to benefit you and your organization? Our CEO, Matthew Dooley - whose LinkedIn profile is in the top 1% most viewed - will show you all of the ins and outs of LinkedIn, including best practices and pitfalls to avoid. He'll cover everything from optimizing your profile and growing your network to demonstrating thought leadership and integrating LinkedIn with other business tools. The best part, we'll have a full team on-hand to deliver fresh head shots, creative copy, and content development best practices. Schedule this workshop >> 


  • Brand-centered Social Media
  • Making the Case for Social Media
  • Growing Your Online Community
  • Pay to Play: Leveraging Targeted Ads
  • Getting the Most out of LinkedIn
  • Using Social Media for Event Promotion

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