The Challenge: Building awareness for an online tool used internationally by educators and coaches. 

How we helped: We worked with VIA to activate their social media strategy, through a mix of mini-infographics, animated GIFs, and video. Highly shareable, easy to understand content pieces were created to appeal to the general audience. Research-based animations were targeted at personal and professional coaches and educators, making it easy for them to spread the word about VIA and their resources. 

Engaging Graphics

We helped VIA take their existing body of strengths-based research, client stories, and thought leadership pieces and transform them into snackable content pieces. Colorful, engaging, and easy to understand graphics made high-level information accessible to their entire audience. Coaches and educators were able to easily share VIA's content within their own networks, positioning them as topic experts and brand advocates. 

Stories of Strength - Alex

Through a three-part, episodic video series, we told the story of Alex Harbin, from the moment he first discovered his strengths using the VIA survey to how it impacted his relationships. What made this stand out was a clear emphasis on the people VIA serves vs. a focus on the company and its services. Below is the first video of the full series, which you can view in its entirety here.

Animated Videos

The majority of VIA's longer form content needed to be made more accessible. Animation was the perfect tool for transforming research papers, blog posts, and other heavy information into easy to understand short videos. Playful, colorful illustrations make the researched based topics fun and engaging. Step-by-step instructions made broad topics into actionable tutorials that could help anyone better leverage their character strengths.

Phone Wallpapers

A series of phone wallpapers, with new designs added monthly, created a fun way to engage fans outside of social media. The wallpapers celebrate character strengths through inspiring quotes, while reminding users to practice mindfulness. This daily touch-point helped VIA stay top of mind with their loyal social media following. 


While working alongside VIA Institute on Character, we created content that exceeded the reach of their current audience, engaged potential clients, and excited loyal fans. We also supported the existing marketing team in their efforts to better understand and leverage the social media space, through ongoing coaching, templates, and workshops. Over a 12-month period, our targeted efforts resulted in:

  • 3.5M Impressions
  • Over 20K fans (83% increase)
  • 58,843 engagements (126% increase)
  • 119,402 video views (474% increase)
  • 79% increase in Facebook referrals to the site
  • 44% increase in unique visits to the site (2.7M)
  • 46% increase in survey takers on VIA site (1.4M)
  • 54% increase in site visits – over 4.5MM in 2017
  • 37% increase in earned revenue over the prior year – topping $1MM!