FAQ - ReContent Workshop


Why do we only focus on one target persona during the workshop?

During the ReContent workshop we will only focus on one of your target markets. While we understand that your brand likely has several groups of people you are trying to reach, developing a highly targeted content strategy is fundamental to social media success. We firmly believe in the philosophy that "if you're trying to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one." Specialized messaging is essential to creating content that connects and achieves your goals. The ReContent workshop will give you the framework for creating empathy-based content for a multitude of target markets, beyond our time together. We often find that the content ideas that come out of the ReContent Workshop, although created for a specific target market, are effective in reaching multiple target markets. 


What's the best time of day to schedule our workshop?

Our ReContent Workshop is four hours long. We know it sounds long, but trust us--it flies by! You are welcome to schedule the workshop in the morning or in the afternoon, but we recommend the afternoon for a couple of reasons. Scheduling the workshop in the afternoon ensures that everyone present has already eaten lunch and is energized and ready to go. It also gives attendees time to address any important work duties (conference calls, emails, outstanding tasks) before we head into the workshop. It's essential that attendees are excited and ready to work during our time together! Afternoon workshops can eliminate some of the barriers that keep attendees from giving us their best. 


Who should come to the workshop? How many people should we invite?

We recommend inviting 6-12 people to participate in the ReContent workshop. Those participants should include friendly faces from these teams within your organization: marketing (whoever manages social media on your team), marketing leadership (Marketing Director, CMO, etc.), C-suite leadership (CEO, COO, owner/founder), direct service (whoever interacts with your target customer most often). Even more importantly, it's essential to invite at least 2-3 people who are either a loyal customer, a potential future customer, or an industry expert who is not affiliated with your organization. We recommend offering a kickback of some sort to those volunteering their time to participate in the workshop. If you have questions about who to invite or how to approach them, please ask us! Having the right participants is crucial to the success of your ReContent Workshop. 


What should we bring to the workshop?

The most important things to bring are a positive attitude, willingness to try new things, and trust in our process and expertise. We also recommend bringing a notebook, pen or pencil, laptop, and a water bottle. Please note: We will only be using laptops in the last hour of the workshop to prevent attendees from being distracted by outside work. 


Will there be food at the workshop? 

There will be plenty of coffee, light snacks, and gum or mints. We strongly recommend eating before coming to the workshop. We cannot offer a meal during the scheduled 4 hour workshop, as attendees will be too busy eating to sufficiently participate. 


What happens after the workshop?

After the workshop, the dooley media team will put together a comprehensive multi-page PDF recap of our time together. It will include everything we explored, discovered, and created during our time together. Your marketing team will receive the PDF approximately one week after the workshop (it takes us a little time to capture all of the awesome work we did in our session). When you receive the PDF we will give you a bit of time to review its contents and then schedule a 30 min call with your marketing team. During the call we will discuss what stood out, what your next steps should be, and how dooley media can help you move forward in the process. 


Anything else we should know?

Our workshop has a few simple rules, but they're important none the less. 

  1. Be present. Please step out if you need to take a call or reply to a text. We owe it to each other to commit to working together over the next few hours. Don't worry--there are scheduled breaks throughout our time together. 
  2. Stay focused on the target persona at hand. Understand that by focusing on one group of people we’re not excluding everyone else… we’re simply setting a focus for the day. 
  3. The ReContent Workshop is about revealing a lot of ideas. Quality ideas will develop as we sift through initial thoughts, breaking them down and building them up after the workshop. Our 4-hour session is about being open, creative, and sharing our thoughts. It's not a time for “correcting” other people or putting down ideas. Everything doesn’t have to be figured out “right now”. During ReContent, we’re just getting started.