Get to know our Show & Tell Speakers!

Later this month, we're hosting another Social Media Show & Tell event - full details here.

Here's a sneak preview of each of our five thought leaders.

Levi Bethune
Creative Direction, Storytelling, and Brand Strategy

I have helped solve problems and tell stories for scores of brands, startups, and non-profits: Intel, Google, Facebook, Disney Parks, Adobe, eBay, and more. My specialties include brand identity & development, internal culture communication, marketing content creation, video production & direction, lifestyle & portrait photography, design for the web, copywriting, and--apparently--making lists.

Nate Engels
Senior Marketing Strategist at Northlich | Blogger | Storyteller | Social Media Junkie | Dad | Husband

I am a digital strategist and speaker on social media, search (SEO) & content creation. Featured in the WSJ, USA Today & others, my years of experience have helped me lead national brands to find success in digital. My award-winning blogs and understanding of connection help me to personally reach hundreds of thousands every month. 

Lucrecer Braxton
Social Media & Marketing Strategy | Project Management | Event Programming Management | Podcasting

I help people visually communicate their thoughts and ideas. My background in Graphic Design, Marketing Communication and Project Management has afforded me opportunities to create amazing corporate identity, traditional & multimedia advertising, annual reports and photographic presentations.

Tim Schmoyer
Video Distribution Strategist & Consultant

You want to spread a message that you know will change people's lives for the better. I want to help you spread that message through online video. On March 2, 2006, I posted my first YouTube video. Since then I've created over 3,000 videos, amassed millions of views, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, worked with some of the country's top Fortune 100 brands, and was one of the first people to be invited by YouTube to become officially certified in "Audience Growth."

Christina Duccilli
Social Media Manager + Brand Stylist at Rookwood Pottery

I wear many hats at the historic Rookwood Pottery Company here in Cincinnati. Two of the biggest hats I wear are Social Media Manager & Brand Stylist. I don't actually wear hats in real life. I am always learning & growing. Teaching myself new skills every chance I can get. Lover of light. Fueled by nature. Inspired by authenticity, passion, & human connection. 


As a reminder, here are the three topics they'll be covering:

1. Visual Storytelling - learn how to piece together and distribute content that sparks a reaction and gets people talking.
2. Community Building - learn how to build an active community around your brand, and how to identify other communities to engage.
3. Customer Acquisition - learn about how to best monetize your social media efforts, from lead gen and micro-conversions to analytics and targeted advertising.