Say Hello to Ryan Lieb!

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the dooley media team! Ryan is currently studying Marketing & Entrepreneurship at UC and has been running social media for their Entrepreneurship Center.

We recently pulled Ryan into a project for Taste of Belgium, where he helped to uncover influencers that the company didn't know it had. He showed off his quick wit and analytical abilities, and we're going to continue leveraging his skill set for three major tasks...

  1. Growing and activating communities around our client brands, including influencers
  2. Delivering insights via social media analytics
  3. Setting up and optimizing targeted ad campaigns

Ryan has a passion for the Over-the-Rhine revitalization, which is why you’ll probably find him around the newest OTR establishment in his free time. He's also a fellow St. X Bomber alumnus - bonus points!

Please take a minute to welcome Ryan!